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Voting for Props A-D helps continue:


How you can help

#Vote4ForKids on Propositions A-D. Collectively all 4 Propositions will ensure Dallas schools are moving in the right direction for our kids.

Proposition A - Bus Bond

Will issue $75M worth of tax-neutral bonds to purchase new school buses and bus facilities.

Proposition B - M&O/I&S Bond Swap

Will issue $75M worth of tax-neutral bonds to free up revenue that can be used for the maintenance and operations of our schools.

Proposition C - Tax Ratification Election

Will generate $126M every year to increase pay for teachers, expand early childhood education, provide more schools of choice, advance racial equity and offer innovative pathways to college and careers.

Proposition D - Recapture (Attendance Credits)

In accordance with the current school finance law, will authorize the Board of Trustees to purchase attendance credits from the State intended to help fund “property poor” school districts.


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Where to vote

Oct. 22 - Nov. 2

Early Voting

Nov. 6

Election Day